Foundational Setting

Course Description

Sydney Hilley breaks down the fundamentals of setting, explaining proper technique and providing drills to master the following topics:

  • hand positioning
  • wrist strength
  • setting outside, middle, back & backrow
  • body positioning
  • footwork
  • the ready position
  • serve receive release, &
  • transition release

Includes 26 videos & access to the course workbook that includes concept keys, spaces for note-taking, and actionable steps you can take to improve on your own.

Pricing Plans

Why add on the Virtual Setting Coach Subscription?

The subscription provides unlimited WhatsApp interaction with Sydney for less than the cost of one private lesson.

Subscribers can submit course related questions and send short video clips performing the drills & skills provided in the course.

Sydney will evaluate the subscriber's technique & provide answers to any volleyball-related questions.

This way you can be sure that the skills and technique in the course are being mastered!

The subscription will hold you accountable & provide support and feedback on your progress as you go through the course.